Thursday, January 15, 2009

Love Your LIfe...Taken From Victoria Osteen's Book

Understanding your influence

- God has placed great value significance, and importance on the inside of every one of us.

- I am important to God today, and because I am important to God, I am important to those around me.

- What matters most is not how you may feel or how you appear to others; what matters most is what you believe about your own value and significance.

- Not only does our purpose involve our own accomplishments and destiny, but it also involves bringing good and adding value to the people around us.

- Wrong thoughts and wrong mind-sets distort your sense of value and worth and cause you to fall short of your full potential.

- Get in the habit of speaking positive faith-filled words over your life, because a healthy self-image is one of the greatest assets you can have. It will not only cause you to rise higher, but it will inspire others around you to live at their best.

- Your attitude, your confidence, how you carry yourself, and how you interact with others is influencing people in the most subtle ways.

- When you recognize your importance and respect yourself, living each day with a champion's mentality, you are honoring God and reflecting onto others the value He placed in you.

- Just by living at your personal best, your example deposits strength into others and empowers them to rise to new levels.

- Take your position seriously and use your influence well.

- You can't hold on to past mistakes and allow them to keep you from what you were intended to be.

- You can rise above disappointments, negative words, and unfair situations as long as you don't lose sight of your value.

- Dare to be bold and believe that you are a person of destiny because you can leave your mark on this generation.

- God's hands are not tied. He can do whatever is necessary to bring you through.

- Not only are His hands free to help you today, they are stretched out toward you.

- He can open up the right doors and cause the right people to have favor on you. God can soften hard hearts. He can give you factor with authorities. He can cause people to change their minds.

- As you stay in faith, know that God will choose you even when people overlook you.

- Face it in faith!

- When you go through setbacks or when people leave you out, remember, god is working behind the scenes.

- When you stay in faith, you can overcome any obstacle and accomplish everything God has planed for you.

- We all need encouragement, and we should receive it from the people around us, but we can't let that be our sole source of validation.

- When life seems to be dragging you down, you have to be the one to encourage and believe in yourself.

- If we are going to live in victory, our main encouragement has to come from the inside.

- It's great when you have people in your life to hold you up, but what happens when those people are not around?

- Start looking at the positive and you will move forward.

- You have to love yourself for who you are, because if you don't love yourself properly, you can't love others properly. That source of strength has to come from within. You can't expect other people to validate you all the time; you have to know that God validates you, and you have to learn to validate yourself.

- When you understand your value - not who you are, but also whose you are - then you will love yourself more, and you will love those people around you in a greater way.

- Everything we do produces a seed and leaves something for future generations.

- Invest in those around you, because you never know what can happen when you touch just one life.

- When you touch just one person, you are building a legacy of faith.

- No matter where you are in life today, you have potential to increase, to grow, to be strengthened, and to move forward.

- As you discover the valuable treasures in the depths of your heart, you will see yourself with a fresh new perspective; and you will love your life in ways you never thought possible.

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