Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thanks for the LIttle and Big things

you never really appreciate something or someone until they are gone or it doesn't work :) LOL...I am very appreciative of the blessing that God has given me and I have always felt blessed by God...He is so good...Last night my washer was acting crazy....WELL I as the operator probably had something do with it :) LOL i have a tendency to be add and not focused on my task at hand and WELL i put the detergent in the rinse area! That made for a ton of bubbles, but for a second i was worried that my washing machine might be broke and it left me to think about what it would take to do ALL the laundry I do for 5 people without my wonderful washing machine! I guess what I am trying to say is a lot of times I tend to take things for granted......I am a very thankful person, but even i find myself caught up in my day to day life and forget to think about what blessing surround me!

*My husband who works hard day and night, but finds the time to be an amazing father and wonderful husband!

*His(shane) Love for me and our relationship

*My 3 beautiful Children and Their Health

*My Health and Shane's Health

*The chance to be able to stay home with my children and watch them grow and be the mom and wife God has called me to be!

*A dishwasher that actually cleans dirty dishes (who would have thought)

*My washer and dryer and the convenience of them

*My Grandparents who raised me and become parents to me and who listens to me in good and bad times

*Meme and Popee they are so precious to me and we couldn't be where we are and who we are if it weren't for them...

* God Given Friends that are like family who have come into our lives and touched it with such grace and love that God's Love is shown through...

* My car although very dirty and gross :) I have 3 kids come on :) it is reliable and awesome! It purrs like a kitten LOL

* Our Home it is new to us, but it is warm and cozy and beautiful and what God blessed us with..What he gives us is better than anything we could pick for ourselves!

*Hannah and Gracie's Schools and their Teachers...I love them and appreciate all that they do to teach my children......I enjoyed spending time with them today!

*My girls activities and the chance to allow them to do extra things like horseback riding, ballet-tap class, piano lessons...

*Target and Walmart ;) and the opportunity to go there :) LOL

*Coffee and Diet Mtn Dew

*My Crock Pot :)


wrknprogress said...

I love your new background!! Your blog is so pretty, lol!

Allison said...

You are blessed girlie! I am thankful for you!