Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thinking About Some Pretty Special People in the Stone's Life Today

*I want to give a HUGE shout out to Lori for watching my kids last night! Shane was moving his office furniture and boxes over to RP Field Services official office site and I had a scheduled dinner with my sweet friend Allison! Lori I owe you big time...Lots of Lunches and I see a gift card in your future :)! Wanted to say thank you to Shannon who helped Shane move stuff after a long days work. He was so kind to help shane and I appreciate him tons! I am so thankful for Lori and Shannon!!! I love you guys :)....You are amazing friends!

*Enjoyed My lovely dinner and fun waffle house time with my dear friend Allison! We have been dear and best friends for a very long time...We have struggled through rough patches over the past few months, but true and precious friends can make it through anything that comes there way if they have God's Love in their hearts and a special call on their friendship :)....I believe the storms are just going to make us better :) !!! I love you my sweet friend/ sister and look forward to being those Old Golden Girls at Bi Lo one day :) LOL!!!!!!

* Found out my precious friend Andrea (whom I have known since I was a little girl) is moving to Germany because her Husband is being stationed there with the Air Force......I pray for the chance to see her soon and Hope that she isn't over there too long....Andrea has been a Military Wife for almost 10 years..She has had all 3 of her children while Jason served in Iraq and has spent months and years away from her man....He served twice in Iraq...Once in Korea...I am proud of her dedication to him and to our country as a 'True' Military wife....I will miss her, but plan to send her letters by the planes :) LOL!

*Been Missing Paige :) her sweet messages have made me miss her staying with me and our long talks, our trips to target LOL and lunches out...I especially miss her being there for me at one of my ob doc visits...One i am sure she will never forget!!! I MISS YOU PAIGE :( tear tear :( LOL! But I know you and Jason are in God's will and Following His plan...Jason is a good man, ANNOYING and Drove me nuts LOL (ROLLING MY EYES) HEHEHEHEHE, but he is in fact a Godly man and I am so happy for you both and feel like you are family :) I mean you all did kind of room with us so i guess that is what did it :) LOL I love you!


Allison said...

God is good! I love you so much! You know that!

Paige Martin said...

so sweet...love you to pieces girl!!!!!