Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Here are some pics of the kids enjoying the new years and some of their toys from christmas....And our sparkler event :) and Yes i made shane wear his sweat pants :) LOL

Had a great New Year's Eve...Went out with my Lil family...Went to target to get the blue ray Eagle Eye movie then ate at Red Lobster....Headed home watched the movie into the new year so fun...Hayden jumped in is Jumperoo into 2009 LOL and the girls did their sparklers or "SPRINKLERS" as gracie called them, well Gracie didn't like it so we stopped LOL plus BRRRRR it was cold on our back deck :)!

We were in the mood to just stay home and be a family and celebrate together....I hate staying out late anyway especially with my Little ones! There is nothing like being in your pj's and have 5 people on a couch watching a movie and eating popcorn ahhh relaxing :)....

This morning was great...I made brunch...pancakes with fresh fruit on top blackberries, blueberries and rasberries YUMMY with sauage and eggs AHHH it was so good and we watched a little football....

Shane also got some amazing club level tickets for the nfl playoffs carolina game in Charlotte a week from saturday!!! i can't tell you how excited HE is "WE" are :) to be going!!!! This is his birthday present :) early and i get to enjoy it too WHOO HOOO so happy new year to us right :)?!?!

Made beef stew and mashed potatoes for i am off to finish the new year day with the kids watching "horton hears a who" then trying the sparklers again :)

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