Friday, January 2, 2009

Taking the Jaime Challenge :)

OMG i can't believe i am going to say this on my blog, but here goes....I so totally need to lose some lbs and our friend Jaime got me thinking about this a little more in detail! So Hayden will be 8 months old on Jan 7th 2009 and I would have lost 47lbs since i had him almost all of the weight the I had gained with him, but i have 20 lbs to lose or that i would LOVE to lose before Hayden's birthday which is May 7th....SO here goes..... i am not really going for the dying look just the Healthy HOT MAMA look :)...

SO I have 4 months to lose this weight :) 20 lbs :) I can so do it :) I KNOW it I did it before 2 years ago and kept it off till I got pregnant with Hayden so after losing this weight I will be good and Hopefully NEVER get pregnant again!!!! EVER NEVER :) LOL

So I start Tomorrow :) LOL HEHEHHE and I will keep you all posted weekly on my weight loss and if you don't here from me then well i am seriously not doing a good job and losing and will never post again on here LOL! ok so that is that :)

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Tessa said...

Well I think you look awesome! But totally understand. I am on a weight loss journey myself and only wish I had 20lbs to! But you've done great so you will lose these last few lbs no problem! We are thinking about joining the YMCA not far from our house! So all we can do is our best! Good luck and pray for me too!