Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking Back on 2008

What a Year....This year has Flown By and I am left wondering where it has gone!?!!? a lot has happened in my life and the family stone household!

1. This time last year I was 5 months Pregnant with a Baby Boy Who I had On May 7Th 2008 Hayden Colt Stone...This by far was the biggest thing that has happened to me and our family and one of the greatest if not the greatest of all :)!

Can't wait to see Him grow in the next year and become a Lil man :)

2. Our Family Business Rp Field Services Took off in May...Shane has finally found some cool office space for the business and it is affordable...Took his first business trip to L.A. (love my business man LOL) and he actually LOVES the chase business after all WHO KNEW LOL! HEHEHEHEHE He has chased for almost 8 years so all that driving and crazy pay schedules have paid off :)
Excited about the new office for the business and GLAD to be separating business from church :) FINALLY...Want to go to L.A. with Shane in 09 :)

3. Had another year in our church plant which makes 2 years total....Launched with 245 in Aug, but in all the excitement Realized How Hard Church Planting REALLY is! HAHAHAHAH no seriously REALLY Hard and it can seriously super SUCK, but can be worth it! You "True" Church Planters out there know what I mean WOW! Shane and I have learned a lot of do's and MORE don'ts in church planting...so a lot of church planting experience on our ministry belt this year..."ROLLING EYES" LOL
Got a lot of praying for the church this year...Shane and I have a lot of decisions to make....Either way i am looking forward to 09
4. Got a New House! LOVE IT and the Neighborhood :)
Can't wait to hang out with the neighbor's more and look forward to my girls making amazing friendships and seriously want my hot tub fixed :)

5. Celebrated 10 years of Marriage and a 30th Birthday....Can't believe it has been 10 years! shane is an amazing husband and father i love him more today then ever before....On the Topic of turning 30, i feel so young and so old all at the same time...That is weird i know, but that is my take on 30

6. Saw My Baby Girls Turn 9 and 5....

Hannah has gotten so tall in is turning into a little lady faster than i would like she is officially a big kid who considers herself to be a "pre adolescent" LOL in her own words of course... she is all about some limited too clothes and has to have the right body wash, deodorant, accessories and perfume; such a typical girl, but loves to ride horses and feel the wind on her face :).
Hannah will be turning 10 this summer and will start 5th grade this year WHAT? ewwww it makes me cringe thinking about it !!!!
....Gracie is my little fancy Nancy ooh la la girlie who is still a little kid and reminds me and her daddy everyday that she is in fact still the little kid...she is still the one in our family who says "SEE ME" "HEAR ME" "I'm HERE"she has lost 3 teeth this year and it makes me so sad to see her little gap gone : ( She is the tallest in her class, but makes friends so easily...She starts Kindergarten next year and will officially be in big girl school! Where has the time gone!

7. Me, well i have learned a lot about myself this year...I have learned not to care what others think! Life is too short...I have learned 3 is a crowd LOL heheheheh, I have learned that i have a very harsh cold side to myself which is good and bad! I am learning to shake off hurt and move on and that bitterness and resentment really does eat at you, but does no good in the long run! That I am a freakin amazing and super strong woman because most pw's would be on meds by this point in their ministry...Not me LOL i just scream and hit a wall LOL it is much better and doesn't have a lasting affect on my mind and body! LOL...HEHEHEHEHEHE so be careful not to be between me and the wall or you might get messed up now :) LOL

All in all 2008 has been great....so YIPPIE 2009 is here another year has past and behold a new year has come LOL

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shane stone said...

I agree with you 100%! Now onto 2009 with the most beautiful woman in the world!