Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random things

1. I am a stay at home mom of 3! Hannah 9; Gracie 5 and Hayden 8 1/2 months My life is blessed and full of insanity :) LOL

2. I LOVE shane and have enjoyed our marriage of ten years it has been insane but so fun :) I would marry him 10 million times again

3. I am a crazy person about keeping my house clean and thinks it should be that way always :) LOL just ask paige m

4. I love bubble baths and reading with candles burning ;)
5. Dates with my man :)

6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new house and feel so blessed to have it and all the cool things in it :) God is GOOD!

7. i love to give :) but have learned to be cautious!

8. i like not caring what others think :) LOL it is so freeing :)WHOOOO HOOOOOO

9. I praise God's name in the good and bad times :) He is an amazing God :) who I LOVE :)

10. I LOVE to sing and I am very confident in the fact that i Sure can bring it :) and realize that there is NOTHING wrong with believing in yourself and knowing when you are good at something...so i am good...I can SANG :) and I love to SANG lol for my Jesus :) and to my 4 babies :) I love to sing with others who can bring it too :) that is the best ever!

11. I am totally in LOVE and hot for my man and still am after 10 years even more so :) wink wink He is an amazing father and husband in the world :)

12. I LOVE My special Girlsfriends and the golden girls and my amazing phone conversations with my allison and andrea...I love our memories too so special to me :) You girls mean everything to me :) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

13. I have 2 sisters and ! brother who I never see but love so much....

14. I hated being adopted but I am so thankful I was :)

15. I love Tivo b/c my favorite shows like the view, desperate housewives and heroes can me recored and watched on my time :)

16. I LOVE the NFL!!!!!!Football rocks HEY THE PANTHERS ROCK! College ball is fun too I love Ga and Clemson....

17. I love it that shane "Knows" I'm hot :) LOL HEHEHEHEHEHE

18. I actually love cooking and learning new stuff...my goal is pies this year :) HEHEHEHEHE

19. I have a secret oh so obvious crush on Michael Buble :) I got to close for comfort at his concert LOL AHHHHH he is better up close :) I still love shane : ) i promise and his cheese fries stains :)

20. I love and miss my family from ATL....MUAH :) to all you Burrell's :) I miss you guys so much and wish i could have you all in my life everyday :)!

21. I love my pj's popcorn and movie nights at home our favorites are mainly old school :)

22. super mario brothers still brings it :) AND i love seeing my kids get into old school stuff I loved

23. I Love being 30 finally

24. I love the Color Purple, the smell of the Joseph's coat rose and roses in general, i love the beach and watching my kids play! I love the smell of yummy food being cooked and the conversations that food brings out :)....I love to watch my children sleep and adore the way that shane grabs the back of my neck! i love warm covers and hot chocolate on cold days....I lOVE target!!!!

25. GOD ROCKS :) and So does his awesome Grace I LOVE IT :)

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