Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thankful for?

*The fact that i'm sneezing and not throwing up I mean I would much rather have a bad cold than the other :)

* My shane :) i love you so much baby :) but i don't have to tell you that you already know :)

*getting to talk to Jeanna this morning :)

*My clean house

*my swiffer sweeper

*Gracie's cute little smile and Hayden's nap time after lunch...Hannah actually wanting to wear her hair in pig tails :)

*Allison for letting me borrow some of her boys clothes because my kids are getting their pictures taken today and I am using one of her boys sweet outfits :) (its the one with the little cars on the front and blue shorts) SO PRECIOUS :)

*Tissues :) for my runny nose ;)

*mary kay products :)

*my friends that came to the party for both mary kay and chick pointe :) I love you girls

*Dr. Willet :)

* Morning Baths :) after shane and the kids leave and before hayden wakes :): AHHHHH my sweet bliss :) even if it is only 10 min LOL

*Coffee Coffee Coffee :) because I am no longer drinking soda's....Only Water, water with Crystal Lite, and Coffee ;) milk and o.j. too of course :)

*The View :)

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