Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh Happy Day :) LOL

Today was very pleasant! I enjoyed Church, Had a blast with the Kids today! We all (even Me) learned about Jesus being our friend who sticks closer than a brother :) and He is with us always :)!

I missed hearing Shane Teach this morning :( but He Told me all about it over lunch and I was blessed :)! I love him LOL!

Had a blast with Him watching the Panthers Game...He and I both were jumping up and down in excitement, anger LOL and we also caught ourselves biting our nails LOL it was a nail biter! But WE (Panthers) are awesome and Headed to the Playoffs! Wish I could work something out for Shane for his birthday for tickets to the game in a couple of weeks :)
Been cleaning and doing laundry plus dealing with a fussy gussy baby :) Candice B knows this for sure :) from this mornings melt down Hayden had WOW :)!

Headed out to ATL to see some of my family! :) Excited to be going to GA in the morning! : )

I am thankful for:
Our Church and the Vision Shane has for it...It has been a hard journey and I have given up on it a lot (so glad God doesn't give up on me as easily as I give up), but I am encouraged today and looking forward to what God is going to do at the Church and Through the church and what he is teaching me in this learning process of being a church planter's wife...Church Planting Can seriously suck LOL but it can be super fun and rewarding at the same time :)!

Baby Motrin for my Little Man to feel better from his runny nose :)

Panthers winning :) I love NFL Football...So awesome :) especially watching with my man :)....I have a lot to learn still about the game, but I know enough about it to know it is the best game to watch on T.V. :)

My Girls Being out of School for a week....(i will be grateful for school in a week :) LOL )

McDonald's Chicken Wraps YUMMY :)

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wrknprogress said...

I hope poor little Hay Hay starts feeling better soon. I am so excited that you get to travel to Georgia tomorrow to see some of your family. I know how much they all mean to you! Drive safe and have lots of fun!! I will be praying for you! Luv ya!!