Sunday, September 28, 2008

"That's what I love about Sunday's"

I have that song in my head!!! I just love sunday!!! i remember a time when i used to hate every sunday!!!
Today we had water baptism!!! AHHHH!! WOW!!! 15 people were baptized in front of the whole church!!! Pretty amazing!
A lot of crazy things happening at church some super annoying UGGG lol but for the most part more AMAZING things than any!!!....sometimes i just have to stop and really think WHY we do what we do!!! and then i feel so much better because you can actually see God's hand in it!!!:)
I filled in preschool class this morning for ms. bonnie who was out of town this morning!!! AHHH i just love those cute kids!!!! they are so fun!!! i had a blast with them and get so thrilled to see them get excited about Jesus! I think in a lot of churches many people just look at nursery and preschool as a dirty job at church......but even Jesus realized the importance of teaching children. "Suffer the little children to come unto me:" JESUS- today I just sat back and watched these kids and thought back to my teachers..and all that i learned from their teaching me...It is such an important ministry in the church and I was honored to share Jesus with those babies :)....
I went around the room and said "JESUS LOVES YOU A TRILLION BILLION" and they giggled and hugged themselves ahhh so precious :) HEHEHEHEHE Emerson who is one of the smallest ones in class said "I WUV JESUS a dillion twillion BACK!!!" ahhhh precious!!!

Praying for my friend Lori and Her family!! her dad is in the er and suffering from internal bleeding also Praying for Caley and david...David is leaving tomorrow for bootcamp 4 months of it!!!! WOW...I Love you caley and am here for you always!

I got a cool bunch of clothes from alexis monday night for hay hay and omg she had a tie and dress shirt in the box...WELL this morning i put it on him with some jeans :) HERE IS THE Pic of my Little preacher man :): LOL


wrknprogress said...

Ok, so Hay Hay is like the cutest thing ever! I just love him silly. Hope you guys are having an awesome day. Love ya girl

Anonymous said...

That picture of Hayden is SO stinkin ADORABLE!!!! It doesn't get any cuter than a baby in a tie, LOL!!
Thanks for all your prayers and support, it means more to me than you will ever realize!!!