Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Monday and Tuesday

Before I talk about yesterday and today! I have to say "GO SHERRI" for telling Bill the way it was!!!! I looked for a youtube clip but couldn't find it!!!! This interview was pretty cool!! GO SHERRI!
Yesterday was fun Hayden fussed almost all morning...But I was able to make beds and do some laundry while holding that chunky monkey! He is something I tell you! After I picked up gracie i headed to lunch then off to get hannah and nelson!
So glad lori's daddy is doing better, I love that man! went to the grocery store during hannah's horse back to pick up a few items and ran into several ridgepointers LOL it was like a ridge pointe reunion :) HEHEHEHEHE that poor check out girl didn't have a chance!!! :)
Made a fried chicken, mashed potatos and creamed corn :) YUMMY :) then HEROES!!! that show is so confusing but I watch it with shane!

Today I had a very good trip to the doctor's office after i dropped the girls off at school.... I had a lot of blood work done and a much needed physical! So i am feeling excited about getting healthier! Gonna try to get to sleep earlier, eat better and excercise more!!!! I am looking forward to all the blood work coming back A ok!!! :)

Enjoyed lunch with my friend Lori! She will never know how much she means to me! I LOVE YOU LORI :) "HUGS" I also love kingstree eatery! OH HEAVEN HELP!!

Hannah had piano this afternoon and has learned to play two songs YAY hannah :)....She got two certificates for playing the songs! I am also proud of her horseback riding! She is Jumping like a pro and Cantering with ease!!! i can't wait to see her in the shows! Hopefully soon!!! She is feeling 100 percent better!!!! God is so good to have touched my baby!!! I thank Him for His healing power because it was very evident! I praise God :)!!!

Tomorrow is Chick Express! Looking forward to hanging out with some of the RPC girls for some grub, fellowship most important a time of devotion!

Ok off to exercise, fix dinner and fold a load of laundry real quick, get kids to bed watch house and UGGGG stupid 90210 with shane UGGGG he loves that dumb show I think it is as stupid as a New Kids on the Block Reunion!!!! LOL

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