Saturday, September 27, 2008

Some New Friends

Last Year Shane attended a conference in Kentucky...On the trip he met this one guy from west virginia Jimmie C. :) who pastors a church in the upstate of sc. Shane and Jimmie Hit it off and at our annual church conference in mauldin we met up with him and his wife dana! Ever since that night we have gotten so close to these guys!!!!!! They are so precious and we love them to pieces, plus it is sooo great to hang out with other pastors and be encouraged!!!! Here lately we just can't get enough of these two!!! we went to be with them in service sunday night and ate dinner and tonight hung out!!!! BTW Dana is Shane's cousin :)

I know you guys read this :) WINK WINK and I want you to know I love and appreciate our friendship!!! We all love you to pieces!!! and that sweet trey :)

Here is a pic of me and dana tonight at after dinner we stayed so late :) but it was great!!! Gotta get a pic of shane and jimmie soon!!!

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