Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday To Me

What I've Learned over the past 30 years :) and Things I am still Learning :)

1. That God Loves me A whole Lot
2. Life is too short to be bitter and angry all the time
3. That it's okay to trust people and love them...because again life's to short not to love and trust!!!
4. That sometimes I need to just SHUT UP!!!!!
5. To pick and choose my battles
6. That apologizing is always the higher road
7. When I am wrong admit it and when i am not still acknowledge that I could very well be wrong because it's okay to be wrong and who wants to hang around someone who always has to be right anyway...
8. Stop begin so dang argumentative!!!
9. To let go of hurt and pain because life has enough pain and hurt why carry it around with me
10. It's okay for me to be happy
11. It is okay to say NO
12. To Listen more
13. To think before I speak
14. To be myself
15 To Love myself
16.To believe that I am beautiful inside and out!!! (Because I am) LOL
17. To realize that it is okay to make mistakes
18. Learn from those mistakes
19. Admit the mistakes
20. Seek Godly Wisdom!!!!!
21. To Love Shane as I want Him to love me!
22. That I don't have to be supermom!
23. It's okay to fall apart sometimes and cry and scream!!! i deserve those days!
24. To ask for forgiveness and forgive
25. To do the above to my kids
26. To show Christ's Love everyday in some way or another
27. To want more of God in my life and my families life
28. To be honest about EVERYTHING!!!!
29. That I am a women of God
30. That I am so glad God Shows grace to this old girl made of Dust because I don't deserve it!!!!


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wrknprogress said...

Happy Birthday Girl!
Luv you!!!!

Jamie A. Steele said...

Happy Birthday. So are you going to get a tattoo like i did on my birthday?