Thursday, September 25, 2008

God Is So Good!

Hannah in the ER: Before the IV and Blood drawn

I know i blogged earlier in the week about us all being sick and all...Well Today I was scared out of my mind....

Hannah my oldest who is 9...Woke up in the middle of the night throwing up and screaming in pain from a headache...This was yet another headache that she had been experiencing off and on!!!! WOW!!!! I checked her temp and she was running a low grade of 100.3, but that combined with the headache and vomiting i was a little worried!

So Got Hannah ready and Hayden, picked up Gracie from school and Headed over to Children's Medical Greer office ( LOVE THIS PLACE) Hannah puked 2x on the way over so you can imagine how much fun that was with two other kids in the car!!! UGGGG

Hannah was screaming in pain during the whole visit and along with the symptoms above she was having a stiff neck and back pain..The doctor left for a few min and came back with a possible Meningitis Diagnosis but told me that she had to have a spinal tap to know for sure...My world at that moment came to a screeching halt...I felt numb, scared and all alone and i felt like i couldn't even breath! MENINGITIS!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD?

I tried not to cry in front of Hannah because one of us had to keep it together, but I held her in my arms and as a young mother the worst thought ran through my head! My BABY oh man!!!!

Shane rushed to the office and we flew to Greenville Memorial With all 3 kids in tow!!! who were great I might add!!! As we got settled in the er room Hannah started acting better....the doc checked her....took lots of blood and ivied her for the possible spinal tap! During all of this crazy chaos I got a call from an a friend of mine!!! She will never ever know what her call meant to me! Otherwise I was crazy but God sent her sweet voice my way just to whisper that everything was gonna be okay!!! he always knows how to whisper I love you" Thank you my sweet friend for your call :)!!!!

While we waited for the blood work...Hannah cried and cried (at this point about the iv and possible spinal) she was feeling a million times better already!!! Shane was firm with her and told her to straighten up in a funny voice LOL then would make her laugh and then play silly music and movies.....He laid on the bed and played pac man for her to see then told her crazy off the wall stories...He was soo funny :) and he helped us get our minds off the obvious!!!

Glory be to God my scare turned into a praise and Hannah got to come home with out a horrible spinal and feeling much better!!!! GOD IS GOOD and I just want to say thanks to everyone who prayed for her!!!! Prayer WORKS!!!!
please continue to pray for her....If the headaches continue she will have to have an MRI, but God is big enough and powerful enough to heal her completely!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you had to go through that and that sweet Hannah had to go through that....everyone was praying hard for her yesterday and we are SO GLAD that she is ok! GOD is in the business of answering prayers and he is AWESOME!!!
Love you guys!

Paige Huffman said...

I hate hate hate ya'll had to go through that...I'm so glad everything is ok...I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!
I'm def gonna keep praying for her.