Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Crazy Weekend

Everyone of us have been sick except for Shane....I however am the only one that was blessed with having a throw up and poopie virus LOL :) my 2 smallest kids just had temps of 101.5 and Hannah my oldest had a a batch of bad headaches!!!!

Besides wanting to die from being so sick for over 12 hours I am doing okay and looking forward to a series of doctors visits to get healthy :)!!!!

Wonderful Ridge Pointe as usual sunday... We missed anthony and katie :( but glad they made it home safe!!! Thank You Lori and Elisa for stepping up and doing and awesome Job at Kidspointe and Kristy You ROCK you preschool warrior LOL!!!

Looking forward to Chick Pointe Tonight and seeing some new faces :) It is exciting to see God Bringing in the new people :)

Well this is my last post before i Turn 30 :)

so i will see you on the other side :) LOL

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