Monday, August 11, 2008

Stone Girls Get Organized :)

They Look REALLY excited about this project today RIGHT :) LOL well!!! they really aren't but too bad! School Starts next week and i gotta get these girls organized!!! Hayden is napping and the girls and I have been working LOL!!!! :) HEHEHEHEHE FUN FUN :) Cleaning old stuff out is the bomb!!! i totally get a rush from it! I KNOW totally weird but it is something i struggle with LOL :) HEHEHEHE I was thinking of course while helping them clean up and organize this morning, how important it is to set aside time daily to clean up and organize our thoughts for Christ! To let him daily clean us up! I know i know!!! Everything doesn't have a spiritual meaning behind it, but see that is how i talk to God! In my daily minute by minute walk!!!
ok off for some more organizing!

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wrknprogress said...

The girls look real excited!!! I totally understand your Jesus talk. I believe that God can and will use anything to show us something, teach us a lesson, or to show us his character. How awesome is that!!!!!