Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MY Girls

yes this is from almost 5 years ago! I can't believe it! Gracie looks just like Hayden but LOL much smaller! and Hannah looks like Gracie does now!!! It amazes me how fast they grow! I Just can't believe it! So they are at meme and popees for their last who rah LOL before school starts! OH about THAT! yeah...I went to the school today to beg for all day for grace well...Turns out she was too smart and had a daddy who is still married to me the mom!! but i got to meet the neatest lady...Ms. Dawkins..she blessed my heart today...God sent her my way just to inspire me! What a neat lady she was...Then i got to have a neat lunch at the kingstree eatery in downtown inman and yes we have a down town WOW!! it was so fun it made me think of steel magnolias which made me think of Hannah and Grace b/c we watched it last week! I had an absolute blast with some of the girls at rpc! soo we are gonna do this again and if you want to join us give us a hoot and a holler..Hey so that totally sounds like steel magnolias....enjoyed starbucks with my friend april and I lOVE YOU STEELE's Ya'll just don't know! I CAN'T wait to see Sister hood of the traveling pants!!! gonna be awesome! So I guess I had fun with all my girls today and missed my little girls and some of the rpc girls that wasn't there too!!! i love you all!!!

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