Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Micheal Buble'

I thought he had come already and i was totally bummed but OMG I just got the info from the bi lo center about disney on ice and looked down at the events and found out HE is coming to the bi lo center on oct 4th UH for those of you that DON't KNOW me i love him LOL NO really i adore him!! Jason makes fun of me because i say his name wrong but who cares b/c i am his number one fan and i am allowed :) LOL!!! I have been racking my brain as to what i want for my birthday!!! So i thought HUM i will have massage since i haven't had a real one in 30 years LOL and 3 kids and 10 years of marriage LOL soo gonna do that with some friends, but I found my second present today!!! Micheal Buble AHHHHHH!!! what a great present!! LOL

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