Thursday, July 24, 2008

ThursdayZ Gone :)

-Hair is finally back to normal check it out above baby! Alicia Whitworth you ROCK GIRLFRIEND I love me some alicia :)
-Finally made shane change his do back from orange...I mean love clemson just not on shanes head right??!!??!!?
-Got to see baby camden soo precious...he is only a few days older than hayden and they got to meet how sweet :)!!!! i am so glad that baby boy is good! ;) He had a rough start but i am glad he is healthy and growing like a little weed :)
-Ok so i have been down lately even on vacation i just couldn't get out of my slump, but God sent some pretty awesome people my way to encourage me!!!! Ok April YOU will NEVER know how much our conversation meant to me! I needed it girl SOOOOO BAD you just don't know and I love you to pieces!
-Caley :) we are gonna rock those pink wheelchairs sweet friend ;) we will be the coolest in town!
-Lori I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS what a sweet friend you are :)
-Kristy :) YOu are an angel :) and a precious friend to me :)
-Enjoying sometime with my baby boy all to myself...OH i JUST LOVE HIM sooo PRECIOUS!!!!! i could eat him up if he doesn't eat me first heheheheh he is getting SOOOO BIG :) LORD A MERCY :)
-looking forward to some time with some new buddies for lunch on the morrow as my sweet gracie says :)
-Hayden is asleep and the house is quite :( i miss my two stinky girls :) they are my doll babies but i know they are having fun with meme as usual...One day i am going to meme's and leaving the kids here LOL
-Shane scared me half to death last night I mean OH MY LORD thought he was having a heart attack! UGGG nOT COOL!
I am so in love with my man :) and thank GOd for an awesome man who Loves GOD, me and his babies ;) He is my Awesome Man of GOD :)

ok so hayden is asleep gonna go give my man o God a kiss ;)

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Shades of Blu said...

welcome home!!! Hopefully see you tonight!! :) with some pretty awesome news after such a dark week!