Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Nite Live

-hung out with 2 awesome ladies today check out the pic above are they the cutest ever :) i love them soo much
-got my girls back yay missed them
-coffee connection was great I LOVE YOU ALL! i am so glad to have seen kit :)
I was off tonight...I don't really know what is up with me but my brain works partially LOL :) still was great i missed a lot of the girls that usually come :(
-i love you LORi and Katie :) so sweet
Lee i hope you are reading this HEHEHEHEHEH you are a precious lady :) and I am glad you got to come tonight!
-I missed my friend Caley! :(
So glad i got to meet Crystal :) what an awesome lady :)!!!!
-april you are a sweetie pie :) and kristy can't wait for the burgers :) LOL
ok sooo i am super tired Lord i mean exhausted is the word! so i am gonna go watch a movie with my man!



Anonymous said...

I MISSED YOU TOO!! Even though I was a bit annoyed, I couldn't get mad at the hubby because he didn't do it on purpose, he was just trying to work overtime. I hope to be there next time!!! I'm glad it went well:)
Luv ya!

wrknprogress said...

I thought I said that you could not post that picture, but I see you did it anyways and guess what? Thats ok! I had fun with you girls yesterday and with the women's meeting last night. Love ya girl,