Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wednesday's Recap

-Made Waffles for my girls this morning...They were a hit
-Got all Laundry Updated YAY! BUt it still goes on
-Got to talk to some special ladies on the phone this afternoon I LOVE ME SOME KRISTY AND CALEY :)
-Turkey Sandwiches for girls gobbled them up
-Picked up Hayden's pictures...So adorable and Hannah bought the new miley Cyrus hannah and gracie too are such girly girls oh my lord...she was squealing with delight about the new cd...Pour Hayden :( I am gonna have to put ear plugs in his little ears... HEHEHEHE or either compromise and let him listen to his dad's wrestling cd or buy the transformers soundtrack :) LOL
-Also PIcked up the Ceramics from Hannah's birthday party...Her friends are gonna love their stuff...
-walked around old navy and found a lot of sales but didn't buy anything/got stuck there due to a down pour :)
-fixed an awesome baked spaghetti tonight and a brownie with peanut butter :) OMG
-got the kids bathed and in bed again by 11 pm...also got to watch nancy drew again with my girls b4 bed...i forgot how cute that movie was...
-worried about my man...He has a lot on him...all the time...
I know God can take care of him! He is an amazing man and I love him with all my heart! He is full of passion and drive and There are only 2 other men in the whole world that i know that goes like shane does with the drive and passion he has in his heart....I just don't want it to kill him :) that is all...Nothing in this whole world is more important to me than having him around...NOTHING!
Well I am out....Please if you read this say a prayer for my man and for our family we need it right now!

Sweet Dreams

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Anonymous said...

I'm praying for ya'll and I know God will take care of your whole family....He'll never leave your side!
Love you BUNCHES,