Monday, July 28, 2008

movies i have seen this summer :)

Ok so this is stupid i know but i thought you might wanna know...Ok so maybe you could careless but here goes anyway!
Oh and I will tell what i thought too!

Iron Man-GREAT MOVIE and My girls LOVED it
Love Guru-SOOOO FUNNY This was a date movie
HULK- AWESOME and the kids loved it
WALL E - The Best Pixar Movie YET i just loved that robot
Kit Kittridge- my girls have 5 american girl dolls in all gracie has 3 and hannah has two big ones, plus the horses soo YES we HAD to go see this but i must say it was amazing and precious...SHANE CRIED LOL
Meet Dave- HEHEHEHEHEHE was corny but funny! we saw this at the beach and Hayden Didn't like it LOL
Batman Dark Knight...Probably one of my Favorite Movies!!!! I loved the Batman before this one too but this one is awesome and heath ledger's performance was WOW to a T...Not for Gracie's Age but Hannah LOVED IT very DARK and Scarey but amazing!! I wanna see this one again soon! on a date night maybe
Hell Boy! Funny and just OK..Both the girls loved it!

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