Monday, July 28, 2008

monday's bliss

ok so i have done almost nothing today! well ok that isn't true
-cleaned house, dishes, laundry same old same old
-updated my myspace some
-worked out yay only 15 lbs left to be pre preggers weight so i have lost 40 lbs since hayden
-Hayden is Mr. Nap boy today! sleeping like crazy!
-Fixing to bake a LOVE cake with my girls! we are excited :) YUMMY
-trying to decide what to fix for supper HUM?
-Wrestling tonight UGGG I HATE WRESTLING LOL but my babies all love it sooo I endure!
-Enjoyed Chilling at home!
-I love the smell of my yankee candles AHHHHHH and my laundry too smells soo good! like a snuggle commercial
- Awesome bible verse " you have Not because you ask not" JESUS
-ok so i am off to cook cakes and dinner

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