Friday, August 3, 2012

Stone Academy

So our homeschooling adventure is well on its way.  First of all our family is the last family on earth I would have ever thought to be a homeschooling family.  That said, Shane and I have been talking about homeschooling for the past few years, but never really found the peace we needed to actually go forth with it.  The talking all started when we walked the halls of Hannah's middle school for the first time a few years ago and met her teachers saw where she would be going.  It was like the biggest change for all of us and it got Shane and I thinking that we needed to make some serious decisions before our sweet baby Hannah entered High School....This summer Shane and I both felt such a peace about going forth with homeschooling and we both knew that the time was right.  After talking to both of our girls we knew our decision wasn't in vain and that their little hearts had been pricked as well to make this overwhelming but great life change.  We all just knew this is what is right for our family and we can't explain it we just know.  Today we made a trip down to Columbia to meet up with our Homeschooling association SCAIHS.  What a great group of people and a wonderful place.  It was such a blessing to be able to meet all of the staff and sit down with advisers about our girls curriculum and the questions we had about homeschooling were answered with grace and diligence...They helped me and Shane so much and made everything so easy and made us feel so great about this beautiful change we have all committed to.  The curriculum is not from just one publisher but from many and the advisers took the time with both Shane and I and our girls to look through the book store for curriculum that we all agreed upon and what might work best for us and the girls individually.  So here are the book, minus a few that are being shipped.  We are more than excited and my up and coming week will be full of planning and preparing for Stone Academy to begin!