Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fashion Must Haves for Spring/Summer

Idea from Pinterest that I am for sure doing this Spring/Summer! :)
I want this dress so bad I can't hardly stand it! UGH! Got to find it! I actually love this entire outfit! SO CUTE!
Buying this Dress today! I adore it! Super cute. Especially for summer! This will look cute with cowgirl boots and a Jean jacket too or just flip flops! LOVE IT! Can be dressed up or down! GOT TO GET THIS!
This is the hair style I want for Hay this summer except shorter version with a slight red tip on the end of his faux hawk :)!
This would look so cute with either one of the dresses above :)!
A few pairs of Shoes

This are Dolce and Gabbana and I LOVE THEM!

These are my favorite sandles from Nordstrom! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Must Have more!

Jewlery Wishlist :)! Tiffany and Co. of course :)!

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