Thursday, February 16, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part One (Turning Page Lyrics)


Written by: Ryan O'Neal (Sleeping At Last)

i've waited a hundred years.but i'd wait a million more for you.nothing prepared me forwhat the privilege of being yours would do.

if i had only felt the warmth within your touch,if i had only seen how you smile when you blush,or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough,i would have known what i was living for all along.what i've been living for.

your love is my turning page,where only the sweetest words remain.every kiss is a cursive line,every touch is a redefining phrase.

i surrender who i've been for who you are,for nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart.if i had only felt how it feels to be yours,well, i would have known what I've been living for all along.what i've been living for.

though we're tethered to the story we must tell,when i saw you, well, i knew we'd tell it well.with a whisper, we will tame the vicious a feather bringing kingdoms to their knees.

    Beautiful Lyrics and I can't wait to see this movie...I have read all the books and I am so excited to see this...Waiting on my friend Malia to see it...I have seen all the movies with her so this is our thing along with seeing "wicked" together LOL! :)!!! Bought the album for Hannah and I today and we have been listening to it all afternoon! Ready to see this movie! :)

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