Monday, July 18, 2011

Trip To Tuscaloosa

Hannah and I had the amazing opportunity of going on a trip with Branded youth group. We went to help those affected by the Tornado's that hit Alabama hard as well as much of the southeast. It was a humbling experience and my heart and prayers are with those that we met down there even still. We saw, for the first time people who were truly in need who asked for the simplest of items...Things such as towels, wash clothes, sheets....Simple everyday items we take for granted....I got to hear story after story of their experiences during this horrible storm...I saw the Branded teens really open up to these people, pray with them and show such love and compassion towards them....At the end of the trip I left with the knowledge that people are still hurting and that the tornado didn't just change the landscape of the town but it changed the way the town's people acted toward one another....Everyone there was affected one way or another by the storm...EVERYONE!

This is what I saw in Tucaloosa on my way out!

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