Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday to Our Hannah

12 years ago as I held my first born child in my arms time seemed to stand still. I smelled her sweet skin and breathed her in and for the first time in my young life I felt alive....My senses became heightened and I suddenly became aware of my surroundings; then I blinked as a tear fell from my face and all of a sudden I heard a little boy's voice calling out, "mommy hold you." and a little girl about seven tugged on me asking me to buy her a doll. As I came too I grabbed up the chunky little blond headed boy and assured the freckled faced girl of her doll and my gaze went across the room to a young lady of 12....She had my features and my smile and her dad's turned up nose. Her blond hair glistened under the soft lights of a dimly lit restaurant as she sat like a lady of refinement eating her chocolate fondue. She looked up at me with her cheshire grin and I gasped as I found myself in disbelief. My little baby that I was just holding in my arms was sitting in front of me as a young lady with dreams of the life that is before her......
WOW! She is beautiful. I suddenly took myself back throughout the past 12 years I have shared with her. Reading books to her, watching Wizard of Oz and Cinderella for the first time. Playing at the park and taking her to school for the first time (GULP). Watching big tears fall from her face at the young age of six when I told her about how Jesus saved me at five. I thought about how she drooled when her first teeth came in at 2 months old and how quickly she lost them as soon as she got them...I ponder her meek and kind spirit that she possesses and her overwhelming love for animals. I thought about her first step, her favorite shows, How nervous I was when she took off on her 2 wheel bike for the first time. I smile when I think about her coos and laughs. I remember her sad little cry when she would get ear infections; which happened a lot when she was a baby. I took myself back to the Doctor's office when she was only a few months old and how overwhelmed I was when the doctor told me she might be deaf and that she was also carrying a rare blood disorder. But I rejoiced in gratitude at the clean blood work reported back to us and remarkable hearing test that she past with flying colors...She is only 12, but she is still my baby and I am so thankful for her very presence in our life and I look forward to watching her grow!

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Sharon said...

Wow Candy..... I wonder if you even know how special the gift is that God has given you with words....... These are some of the most beautiful and precious words that I have ever heard come from a Mother's heart..... so very touching!!! Thankyou for sharing your very heart.... (tear, tear!) Please keep the blogs coming! Sooo special:) I love you dearly sweet Candy!:)