Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rainbow Flowers For Valentines

The Sunday before Valentine's day I told Shane (while his dad was preaching) that I wanted rainbow roses! Not knowing how long they take to make and be delievered I just knew that I was going to get them on Valentines day! Shane LOVES when I tell him what I want straight out! I never do this SO this time I was sure I was getting them! Valentines Day rolled around and NO RAINBOWS! :(! In fact I didn't get anything... Now honestly, I experience valentine's day everyday with Shane, no joke! He is a wonderful husband and although we have our moments. We are truly blessed with a wonderful union, friendship and love that outweights any disagreement or hard times we face. That said I know Shane and He ALWAYS out does himself when it comes to romance and taking care of me and even the kids....So I was a little hurt when I saw I didn't have a valentines :(! Long Story Short he had in fact ordered the flowers via his iphone from the church and they wouldn't be shipped until later that week because these roses aren't your average rose you see? They go through a process of making them full of color and ever so beautiful. These aren't the type of roses you can throw in a box and mail. I was so excited when I recieved them! I had asked for them yes, but still he got them for me for that very reason and that's just cool! Even though I got them over a week ago they are still just as beautiful today as the day I put them in the vase! Long lasting colorful roses take time! :)

Our relationships are just like my favorite flowers (Rainbow Flowers). You have to be patient as they change into these beautiful colors and it takes time! A process has to occur! The results are breathtaking! Long lasting relationship full of life and vigor and lots of spark take time! Yes, I am still in love after 12 years and though we have our disagreements and tifts! I want to fight and make up with Shane Stone for the rest of my life! It's so fun! :)

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