Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Favorite things award this week goes to......

I have spoiled myself this week with lots of pampering! Tuesday I was so blessed to get a one hour massage at Spa 360 and then today I went back to the spa for a pedicure. Not only are the prices great at this spa, but you will leave feeling great. I love this place for several reasons, mainly because I go and feel wonderful every time I leave and I have precious friends working there who are so thoughtful and caring each time I visit. Today was the first pedicure that I have had at the spa and my feet have never been this soft. I have had tons of spa pedicures everywhere else, but I always leave with my feet feeling rough...Not today! I loved every minute of being there and I can't wait for my up and coming facial in the next few weeks!
This is a new hair accessory that I adore! My best friend Allison has started a new business called Allie B Originals . She makes beautiful handmade jewelry and is now making very cute hair accessories...I got a couple of these hair accessories this week and immediately fell in love with them....ADORE ADORE ADORE!!!! These are cute for every age!!!! They are a must buy!

These are my new Reef sandals from Buckle! I think you can purchase these at other shoe stores, but I got my at the Buckle... They are the most comfortable flip flops ever plus they sparkle! Win, Win for me. They are also so cute and yet so comfy..They are so comfortable I don't even like taking them off when I get home. If you don't have a pair go get a pair. They are worth every penny. Your feet will thank you, I promise!

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