Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let's Have A Re Do

We moved into our house a little over a year now and I am totally enjoying
it! I am so thankful for our beautiful, cozy home. I'm even more thankful for the warmth and love that resides here! We are finally doing a few things around the house as we settle in after a year of being here. It takes time to do projects, but I must say that it is fun and I actually enjoy seeing the difference.

I am trying my hand at being creative in the decorating sense, this doesn't come easy to me! However, I am grateful for the blogs of other creative women and men out there that can truly inspire my desire to make my home warm and a reflection of our Family Stone!

Here is one little project that I hired an amazing painter to come in and do for me! My EYE SORE of a desk had to be changed! Here is the after picture! I unfortunately can't find the before, but just imagine and all white wood desk before you! This amazing painter painted my built-in desk and shelf/cabinet to look as if we stained it! LOVE HIS WORK and the top of the desk is paint also! looks like marble, but it's not! :) LOVE IT!

These pictures of our living room and dining room were taking December 2009: Not Shabby, but also not exactly what I had in mind for these two rooms

This picture is the Living room December 2010 Still NOT my goal! In fact this room has been annoying to me and never felt quite right for our family for the past year and a few months!

Last Saturday I finally got rid of the black couch! YAY! Some of you might have loved this look, but I hated it in my living room and I just didn't think with a big den and a theater room upstairs that we needed another sitting area...It was too modern for our taste especially since everything else in our home is more traditional! I put our new dining room furniture in the living room area and placed my electric baby grand in the dining area!

I bought a beautiful china cabinet at cost and mismatched shelf for my "NEW" dining room! We got an amazing deal! The below pictures are just the beginning of the change in these two rooms. Everything is a work in progress! That is what makes it fun! I have no decor yet so I am really browsing the web for idea's and for the china that suits our family and our style!

The Piano room (former dining room) is not finished and we are currently looking at purchasing a used baby grand and oval or round area rug for this area, plus I am totally not finished with either room! So, most of the wall hangings and photographs aren't going to stay!

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