Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finding Meaning in Our Surroundings

In the changing up of our dining room and living room I discovered that to most current decorators the ever so famous china cabinet isn't really in right now and china isn't the "in" thing to buy! I could careless! I want some china! :) and I am a rebel! :) HAHAHAHAHA! Don't get me wrong I love certain new trends and styles when it comes to clothing and decor, but when it comes down to it I am a traditional girl all the way and my husband is just as traditional as me! I like to add trendy touches and such, but the classic-traditional style will never go away...Not ever!

Since I haven't received or bought china before I began to look at collections that would mean something to us as a family that we could pass down! I guess that is where my traditional sense comes from because I am a sucker for old things and stuff with meaning and depth behind them! I love old pictures of my family and Shane's family sitting around our house because that is our heritage they mean something to me and I love those sweet people in those black and white pictures! That is how I feel about nearly everything! I am very sentimental and when it comes to decorating I want the piece of furniture or the wall hanging or photography even the vases and candles to mean something and tell a story about our family or where we bought it or the experience behind it!

Gladly I have come across pieces that stood out to me for 3 reasons each collection bares the name of each of my children! LOVE IT! They mean something! Sounds silly, but it'll be something special to our children to have their name on the collection and it'll be neat to talk about later on down the road!

The Royal Hannah Collection by Lennox is inviting, charming, fun and beautiful just exactly like my oldest Hannah

This is a little collection of tea cups and a tea pot called the Gracie China Rose Chintz! What is so neat about this collection is that it totally suits my Gracie and will always remind me of her girly twirls and dress up days!

This is they Hayden Collection By Noritake! It is sweet, precious and just simply adorable! JUST LIKE HIM! SIGH! :)

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