Friday, October 15, 2010

A Taste of Georgia Fall Fun!

This past weekend we enjoyed a quick trip to my home state of Georgia :-) to see my precious family....We stopped in Commerce for a quick shopping spree for the kids and then headed to Atlanta to see my parents and take them a little surprise :-)...Afterward, we headed to Loganville for a fun fall family gathering with my Sweet Aunt Charlene and Uncle Dan, Aunt Shirley and My cousin Leisa and Kassie....I was so excited to get to see my cousin Shannon as well...We met some of my cousin Leisa's friends who are so sweet :) and enjoyed roasting hot dogs and yummy food, games and just fun fun fun!

Although it was very quick; our trip was sooooooo precious to me and even more to my husband and children.....I love and adore my parent's, brother, sisters and aunts, uncles and cousins......I have the best family in the world both Burrell's and Whitley's and they really know how to show you what family is all about.....There are "some" that don't know how to appreciate their 3 precious little cousins and nephew Shane, but I am so thankful that I have family who know how to truly love and appreciate each other and who open up their arms with love and caring and don't think twice about it..Just Because we are simply family!...Thank you to all of my precious family who love me and my family even with distance seperating us...You haven't skipped a beat with showing us your love, support and what It means to be "FAMILY" .......I LOVE YOU......

****I also want to say that our precious Popee and Meme Stone are included in our 'Family Stone' we wouldn't be the family Stone if it weren't for them...We love and adore them and we are sooooo blessed and grateful for them in our lives...They are amazing parents and remarkable grandparents, but more than that they are trully our dearest friends and we love them more than words could say!****

Here are some of the pics :-)
Gracie in deep conversation with her pawpaw!!! SO SWEET :)

My little family enjoying sweet aunts, uncle dan and cousins :)

Enjoying the fire

My cousin Leisa, Me and Uncle Dan....:)

Hayden with his new friend...HEHEHEHHE

Kassie,Gracie and Hannah

The Girls Hugging goodbye! They didn't want to leave each other!

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