Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beach gratitude

I am thankful for...

This cute beach house we always get to stay in...It's so cozy and only a block from the ocean

The past two days of sweet family time


Workouts with Shane

Hayden's love for the ocean

Tossing the Football with the kids and Shane

Building ridiculously big sandcastles

Being covered with sand

Watching Hannah and Gracie and Hayden play, laugh and giggle....

House of blues restaurant

Fireworks at barefoot landing

iBooks :) who knew I liked reading on an iPad go figure hahahaha ( I still like real books)

Yummy seafood at Duffy's Shack


Golden girls (I love watching that even at the beach)

The purplious store (awesome)

My nice camera because this is the first beach trip with it and I love it and the sweet memories I am capturing....

Most Importantly....Jesus and all he has done for me and my family...I am nothing without my rock!!!!

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