Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Gratitude

I am Thankful For:

Sweet Tea From Mcdonalds

Neighborhood Swimming Pool

Fresh veggies from a sweet neighbor

Lady Antebellum

Having friends over for swimming!

Shopping at Mcdonalds with Allison :) !!!!

Date Nights with Shane


Met Camp in 1000 degree HEAT :)

Los Angeles, California Trip

Disney Land

Crystal Cove Beach in California

Fireflys and Lemonade :)

Fireworks :) Thanks Chris Sloan!

Hayden Swimming

Our Tan's

highlights in our hair from the sun

Friday at the Pool with my girlfriends and their kids

Springwell Church ( we started going there this summer )

Fourth of July

Hannah Turning 11

Shorts, Flip Flops and Tank Tops

Toy Story 3 :)

Getting to See New Moon with Malia! :) I miss her!

Getting to See my sweet friend Dana Cox

Our Back porch!

Girls Night out

Trip with Allison To Charlotte!

Long sweet Talks with Tiffany!

Shopping :) TEEHEHEHEE




Grateful Nation said...
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Grateful Nation said...

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