Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gratitude for this Last Weekend in February

I am so grateful for:

My sweet and amazing Husband I knew he was the one for me the moment i laid my head on his shoulder! I was Home!
My 3 Healthy, Beautiful, Smart, Funny and Amazing Children
Our little old doggie Pee Wee who we have had for 11 years
Our Precious Family both near and Far
Our Sweet Friends also both near and far
Fond Memories of precious family and dear friends
A strong Heritage :)
Sweet Tea which i have forbidden myself from! LOL
a great orthodontist for our family
The Song "I Hate you, Then I love you" Sung by Celine Dion and Pavarotti HEHEHEHEHE mine and shane's theme song :) BWAHAHAHAHAHAA :) Has been for 11 years!
Our 30 min trip to the mall...Took us that long to walk in and walk out! :)
Don Pablo's on Sunday's
Safety for my precious friends Traveling and Continued safety as they make their way back home!
Turkish Get up's with 10 lbs and then after doing it 3 times 5 lbs :) (you should look them up and try a minute of them with 10 or 20lbs :) )
Hindu Push Ups! GOOGLE IT then try to do them! :) fun fun!
Girls Afternoon out with my little ladies...Our fun talks, laughing and shopping...We also threw in a pedicure and manicure! They were due one :)!
Hayden's Push ups! He get's them honest from his mama!
My Cute new shoes! Can I get a "you lookin Hot Mama"

mac makeup! i have fallen in love with m.a.c. it's perfection for my dry/normal skin!
Hannah's B3 Science Fair Project
The Last Song Novel (Finished this Week and Can't wait for the Movie)
East of Eden By John Steinbeck (Started reading it this week) this is my second time reading this :)
My Home
My bed
Our Movie Theater Room In our House! LOVE IT!
My 2 new dresses for our Las Vegas trip! Pics to come in the next 3 weeks after we get back :)!

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