Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Few Warm Days

BRRRR DE DURRR.....It's been cold this winter....Winter is suppose to be cold, but here in the south it isn't suppose to get as cold as it has been! I love Spring temperatures because we can all go outside and play and eat and run, plant things and not have heat strokes like we do in blazing humid southern summer.....I just absolutely love Spring...The only problem is my little Hayden has to go on Zyrtec and Benydryl for just about all of Spring, Summer and well into Fall...The Grass makes him so sick and the pollen just is almost unbearable for our baby boy....So, on days like this past Saturday and Tuesday we have so much fun because the grass is still dead and nothing is growing yet....Here are some pics for our warm days!

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Joni said...

Great Pics! The kids are growing up way to fast! I know you love all the moments you get to spend with them! Great looking family. Love you Girl!

Joni <3