Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day and Thanks

I am so thankful for:

God's Grace and Love and Forgiveness
My long talks with my friend who encouraged me more than she'll ever know...Thanks mavis ;) you are so dear to me you'll just never know...
God's protection on Friday afternoon....
A Good's really really good and I don't deserve it, but oh boy am i so grateful...Don't make me write my list!
3 beautiful, healthy and precious Children :) they all make me smile and grateful for being their momma :)
talks with hannah
gracie's hugs
hayden's big enormous kisses
Shane (He is an amazing husband and unbelievable father...Thank you Jesus for such a man and thank for putting him in my life)
dinner and a movie with our friends the bagwell's old times :) love them more than words
our babysitter's emily and taylor :) WE <3 them
a nice warm cozy home my dream home :) patience is virtue for sure :) i waited 10 years for it and I am more thankful and grateful for it than i would have been had i gotten it at oh 22 :)
my new bible study class
the sports club
our trip to the mall today :) such fun
our huge garage that keeps our dog of 11 years warm :) and our cars ice free
our theater room fun times fun times :) making memories with our sweet children
m.a.c. makeup i made up a song about this product and I am grateful for it... :) does it define me NO but it sure makes me look better HAHAHAHAHA
an apple wink wink a day keeps the doctor away!
bobcats games with friends and family
Pamprin :) where is that stupid bottle at ? lol

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