Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Putting up the Christmas Tree

The past few weeks have been crazy for us, but great! Between Shopping in Charlotte our favorite place in the world (especially since Shane grew up around that area and enjoyed going to south park mall as a little kid plus his dad took him to see the hornets play several times...it is special to him and to us, just sayin lol it's kind of our town), Panthers games, Bobcat games, Concerts all in c town and Thanksgiving; we have been moving...Our old house was a lease house and not permanent...A few months ago Shane purchased an investment property with six rentals on it and was looking on the internet for more properties and a new home that would be permanent for us and allow our kids to grow up in....When he came across our new house in Sycamore Ridge sub...We love it...It is a bigger house, bigger yard, more space between houses, long driveway and parking space for another car...I love the extra large garage...We can actually park both of our cars in it without scraping and we have tons of extra space....It reminds me of a getaway house in the mountains...I LOVE IT! 'ill be home for Christmas" has so much meaning to our clan this year!

While moving I was also decorating for Christmas....We orginally bought a 12 ft tree BWAHAHAHAHAHA~ not the slim of course because they were out of those, but the big huge FAT ones...My sweet friend Malia came over to help me and well as we took the torpedo branches out of the first box labeled bottom and the stand; we knew we were going to have a hard time :)! I got on the floor and looked up at the branches falling down on me and it was like a giant red wood crashing on my head...The worst part was that we had only put up a 1/4 of the tree LOL....We took the red wood back and got a 9ft slim THANK GOD! and I also go a 7 ft for my music room/living room

Here is Malia with Christmas balls for ear rings... LOL she helped me decorated my 9 ft :)

Our Girls acting crazy while we decorated the tree :)

The Tree minus the ribbon...I love the star burst :)

star burst

My 7 ft tree in my front living room/music room....I added more red and green balls to it since this picture LOL!

My garland on my stairs

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