Friday, November 13, 2009

Thanks For The Week

My Shane and I Celebrating our 11th Wedding anniversary...:) I love you Shane

An Amazing time with 4 of my dearest friend from Spartanburg minus candice so that would have made five :)...I love you girls and needed the laugh and the time with you! :) you mean the world to me...

The Sports Club

Working out with My sweet friend Tiffany and Malia

Malia :) and our long bike ride :) I am so thankful for you my new sweet friend...I never dreamed I would find anyone that I had that much in common with!! :) you are awesome and It is a pleasure to have you as my friend ! :)

SO Yay For new friends :)

peanut butter and jelly pump (protein shake) from GNC!! AWESOME!

The chance to get to talk with my life long friend Jeanna! I miss you girl and Congrats on your pregnancy :) YAY :) my little Jeanna is preggers :) Can't wait to see you next saturday :) and spend precious time with you!

Friday Night at Red Robin with friends


Meme and Popee

An Awesome Opportunity For our family with more security :)YAY! I am all for that...

The Weekend..Shane needs it! :) Busy week...

For our sweet dog pee wee Who is so sick....I pray he gets better we have had him for Hannah, gracie and Hayden's entire life...:( he is precious to us!

The Panthers Game sunday! just a chance to get away for a few hours with Shane alone :) so nice...Hope they win but if they don't oh well :)!

A Clean, Sparkly House

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