Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fly Me To The Moon :)

What a Great Weekend...

*Did Lunch Relief with Gracie's Class
*Got to sing at Parent Share
*Saw new moon with my friend, her daughter and hannah (realized how much hannah has grown up) she was like a teenager in the movie :) BTW I LOVED IT :) I have read all four books and loved them all and this movie was on target with the book!

*Shared my morning with Gracie playing barbie dolls :)

*Spent the day running errands all with shane hayden and gracie (hannah spent the night with a friend :))
*looked everywhere for a 12 ft christmas tree pre lit
*got stuff ready for gracie's play monday morning
* picked out some very cool paint colors for our children's bedrooms
*Hit target for some necessities :)
*Had an amazing workout
*spent sometime with a dear friend and got to really know her a lot better...I now know what she looks like a 4 am LOL she is gorgeous :)! Me on the other hand UH NO! HAHAHA

*slept in....We were SOOO TIRED :)
*Carrabba's was yummy at lunch
*Bought the paint for the kids rooms
*skipped the ballgame in Charlotte we were tired LOL
*6pm Church at NEWSPRING in anderson
*AMA's :)


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