Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Bloody Sunday! :) not the U2 song either :) HAHAHA

So the panthers STUNK IT UP! WE STINK! LOL But I still love them...IN fact I LOVE THEM so much that I bought a new shirt and magnet for my car after an awful game like tonight, now that is what you call sold out fan!!!!! Shane and I are having a blast in Charlotte at the BOA stadium watching our panthers suck! :) LOL, but they are still our's and we love them! We also like to scream at them and (in a whisper) if no one is looking we might just throw food at them as they run into the locker rooms LOL :) hehehehehe! :)Needless to say, (back in normal voice) We have a blast....We love talking to everyone else at the game...The "Regulars" have become game buddies :) LOL! They crack me up too! Today's game started at 4:15 so Shane and I were able to eat dinner uptown and have a romantic meal together after a horrible game at an amazing place across from the omni hotel and the boa buidling called ... :) Here are some pics pre game and post :)

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