Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stone Movie Reviews March thru May

IF you didn't know already our family is movie crazy....We have also become workout crazy too, but that is another blog....Last year I posted movies we watched during the spring and summer and what our thought overall was....I am sure you could careless, but Here goes anyway LOL

Night at the Museum 2

This was really good...It wasn't as funny as I thought it would be, but for sure had some cute parts and little tidbits of history that was good i thought...Other than that I think it should have been more of a rental movie than go to the movies and see..

Terminator Salvation

Ok So This was REALLY GOOD and I loved the actor's....For the most part it kinda helps to have watched the other movies, but it is still easy to follow......It is NOT a movie for little kids we didn't even think about taking Grace! Hannah and Her friends Loved it, and surprisingly understood the plot...
Star Trek

WOW what an amazing movie...I used to HATE Star Trek until shane and i got married and in the first week of marriage shane introduced me to the star trek world...I have seen ever movie yes ALL of them...This one is my favorite! LOVE IT!

We took the girls to see this one..They LOVE superhero movies especially xmen and marvel comic hero's...Me, hannah and gracie were all tense in this movie as wolverine beat up the bad guys over and over...AWESOME! we were cheering the wolverine on :)!
Hannah Montana "THE MOVIE"

If you have girls in your house this is the best movie to take them to see or rent when it comes out...I cried..Yes I know I was made fun of, but it was really good and had a great story line and message.....Hayden was so glad he was little didn't have to go to see "stupid"hannah montana LOL NOT a movie for boys!
Jonas Brother 3d Concert

Another movie event that most boys would cringe at LOL, but make girls cheer and giggle and scream with delight...LOL

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