Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Weekends

We enjoy our weekends so much because we all get to be together...During the week Shane is busy with our family business Rp field services that covers 5 states and has over 100 field reps... He is also busy and excited about his company Hyperion that he started several months ago that deals with investment properties and the buying and selling of them...On top of all of that he works out 2 hours everyday so we see Him on the weekday's usually around bedtime :) LOL and if we are lucky we get to eat dinner together..... so maybe 2 hrs of family time if we are lucky that is.. WOW!.....Our weekends are our family time and mean so much to us....We love it!

Last Weekend We:
* Celebrated Memaw Stone's 75h Birthday with the Stone Family at Long Horn...My Girls didn't get to come because they enjoyed their time at Praise Bash a Children's Church Retreat with several churches involved...After my men and I got home, I pulled out Hayden's transformers and we had a blast playing with them, but missed our little ladies! :)

We took Hayden to Toy's R Us and the mall Saturday and bought him some of the new small transformers that came out....
He screamed until we opened up the toys :) HEHEHEHE

Most weekends; we have been getting a babysitter for Hayden and taking the girls for dinner and a movie....This past Saturday, we took the girls to see Night at the Museum and for dinner/dessert at the melting pot! They are big fans of the melting pot :)! Who isn't?

Our Sunday's are so nice...Not being in the ministry has been hard for us, but so nice as well..We had been going strong in full time ministry for 10 years and sacrificed a lot of family time...It is so nice to take our time, not feel rushed on sunday mornings and I love love love sitting with my man at church...Sunday nights are so relaxing and enjoyable...We just enjoy being together for the most part and hanging out at home! Enjoying our family and being thankful for the many blessing that God has poured out on us...All of which we don't deserve, but we are so grateful for....

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