Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mothers Day weekend

*took Hayden to his first year check up :) he was so cute...btw he weighs 28 lbs and is 31 1/2 inches long sooo I was a little off on the 30 lbs...not by much :) HEHEHE he got three shots poor baby!

*Ate lunch with my family from Atlanta
* Shane Got a sweet baby sitter for hayden (thanks Jenn) then we headed out with the girls to see "Star Trek" soooo good! Loved it!
*Shane surprised all three of his girls and took us to the melting pot! my girls LOVED it...I loved the chocolate :) It has been a couple of months since shane and I had a date there so i was soooo ready for some yummy melting pot
*Saturday...I slept in with all 3 kids..Shane is a workout crazy person so he went to workout :)! The kids and I headed to a fun birthday party...Then Shane, Me and the kids went out saturday night just to loaf around :)! We had a good time...If you take away me ripping part of my foot off at red robin LOL
*Sunday morning we went to AL and heard a good message on the "unknown lady" that came to Jesus about her daughter who had bad spirits...In mark 2...Sunday night the family all celebrated mothers day,popee and all 5 of us at NS where we enjoyed and were completely blessed to have the opprotunity to see two very well deserving single mothers be blessed...We saw the Gospel come alive and it was remarkable...I love our sunday nights and enjoyed sharing with meme and popee who loved it as well :)...We did our normal routine or what has become such of krystals then all visited with Memaw stone :)! She is too sweet :)! I just love her :)! Shane and I enjoyed our sunday night t.v. d.h and celebrity apprentice...LOL joan rivers is awesome that is all i am sayin LOL...anyway c.a is over and d.h has one more episode so i guess we are going to have to record movies and watch them now on sunday's after church :)! LOL

So that was my mothers day weekend! pretty good! Oh yeah and My sweet man hooked me up with 2 dozen rozes and put them in the vase for me :) Love him!

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