Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Give Thanks

I am so thankful for:

* My Sweet Baby boy feeling some what better and I am so glad we didn't have to take him to the hospital Sunday night because He was breathing so bad, but I said a prayer over him and Jesus touched him so that he could breath easier!

*Medicine and Children's Medical Center and Health Insurance

*Having a precious and wonderful opportunity of seeing 20 ppl give their hearts to Jesus Saturday Night....

*Many beautiful ppl in my life that I call friends...They are all considered best to me :)

*My beautiful daughters and my time alone with them and the England's last night

*Our gorgeous Easter Weekend

*Meme and Popee...I love you so much and I am so grateful for our time we spend together

*My Date with Shane Friday Night

*A Beautiful, comfy place to reside

* Shane's work and the simple fact he has work....

* Feeling The Presence of God! Oh How he loves us!

* My health and my families health...We take this for granted, but I am so very thankful today for the health we have because I a flash of a moment we could have it stripped from us...

* The Rain...If we like it or not we need it and I am thankful for it!

* My Marriage...I love how Shane loves me!

*Laughter and funny moments in life

* Barney and Sesame Street Especially Cookie monster who made my baby boy laugh from his belly this morning :)!

* The beautiful flowers that are blooming

* The birds singing

* The undeserving luxuries that we have and don't need...it is still nice to have fun stuff like my whirlpool tub, xm radio on t.v.(to listen to peaceful music while my 2 youngest children nap), a washer and dryer in my home, a dishwasher, a garage and so on and so on....

* the sun shining through my windows

* the toys, baby bottles, gold fish crumbs that surround me! How lucky I am to be a stay at home mom and have 3 children

* Instant Dry Nail Polish (especially for a mom) it's awesome

*cell phones and facebook to connect with friends and family we normally would never talk too! how neat!

* The Sports Club...Now if i could only get back there and workout LOL :)

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TitansFan said...

Absolutely give thanks! I am so happy every day I get to wake up to my family. The things I have provided them with are just a small testament of how much I love them. I know my Whirlpool Tub and Wii are just objects. I do understand that they make life at home a bit more fun. The Wii was the most surprising. We can all just get up and play till the cows come home. It's great to find ways to enjoy life at home.