Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stone Weekend!

This weekend was amazing...We got to hang out with our friends The Cox's they are also family btw here is a pic of Pastor Jimmie and Pastor Shane :) Playing Guitar Hero :) This was so funny watching them duel...

Saturday we headed to Union to drop off the kids and hurry to the panthers playoff game against Arizona! This is what Hannah and Hayden Looked Like in the car on the way to their grandparents house...Gracie was laughing at hannah almost the whole way there! she got shane and I tickled by moving hannah's mouth and acting like hannah was singing

The Game was so fun....Shane got us Club Level seats....We enjoyed the band in the Club Lounge and the food was so good and not expensive like eveyone said it was actually reasonable :)! I loved watching the pre game stuff

It was so cool to watch our panthers run out on the field...It was SOOOO LOUD! And I loved hearing Darius Rucker Sing the National Anthem :)

Here are some pics of the Coin Toss, Game pics and Half time show and some of Shane...He was so happy to be there win or lose..The rain was actually fun too ;) it was hilarious seeing 70,000 plus people not caring a bit about the rain LOL.It was so fun and we look forward in going again next season!

Today was so much fun too...WE had church, Loved SHane's message...Then He and I headed to lunch and a movie...WE saw...Grand Torino...SOOOO GOOD Classic Clint Eastwood! I laughed, cried and fell in love with Clint :) It is a great movie!

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Nicole said...

Great weekend pics! GLad you had such a fun weekend!