Friday, January 9, 2009

Having a Good Day

Today Has been Good so far....

*Rather Busy..Been going since the girls got up for school...
*Excited about our friends coming over tonight...I love love love them :)
*REALLY excited about the panthers game tomorrow even though we might get rained on OH WELL :) still gonna be so much fun and I can't wait to experience the nfl game with shane ;) His first!!!!
*Got a lot on my mind with church stuff...Trying to be a more supportive wife....I am NOT your typical pastor's wife and NEVER want to be but I love my husband and his calling and more than that I love God and serving Him....Praying the Serving bug would spread at Ridge Pointe! We could ALL do better at that!
* Looking Forward To Chick Pointe and my Mary Kay party...I want a few more things myself :)
*Thinking about my Friend Allison today "you have been on my mind" Praying for you and your mom!
* Realized I have to have Lunch date with Lori :) she thinks I hate her :) LOL
* Looking forward to starting a bible study with a my friend Kristy! I have some ideas girl so brace yourself :) the whirlwind Candy is back :)
* Thankful for Joel Osteen and God speaking to me through a sermon of his this week! I love when God shows up and speaks to our hearts like that even if he has to use Joel Osteen :)
*Going to start reading the SHACK and maybe start up a book club :) LOL hopefully....I am waiting on one of my friends Nicole to get the book hurry up girl!!!! :)
*Decided that Life is too short to build walls around my heart....Thank you shane for encouraging me :)
*Thinking about ??? doing weight watchers... I have 20 lbs to lose before hayden's birthday and well I need some extra help this time with my weight loss :) still undecided....I miss my elliptical...I worked out everyday...Going to get a treadmill soon!


Nicole said...

I was going to get it this week and the days flew by-sorry! I'll get it soon! I am excited for the Mary-Kay/Chick Pointe!

Tessa said...

Thanks for the pic comments. Yes we enjoyed seeing the snow and playing in it even if it was just a little bit. I hope we get some here before the Winter ends. I would love to come over sometime. I am still sick with whatever this stuff is I've had. Then I started with a stomach virus this morning and had too miss both our services today. So hopefully in the next few weeks maybe we can get together! Thanks too for thinking of me! Love yall!

Paige Martin said...

I just started reading "The Shack"
I miss you and love you