Friday, January 23, 2009

My Week in review

*started reading the shack...I am so slow, but i have 3 kids sooo that is all i am sayin LOL bout that, but it is so good and I am loving it..I had a hard time with it at first just because i pictured one of my girls as Mack's(the main character's) daughter...I do that when i don't have an imagine sooooo i was really not liking the book at first! But i pressed through and I am so glad i did!

*Found facebook this week...Thought i had deleted it! WOW i was still there and so cool...I have found a lot of high school and old college friends on there...and family too! Love being able to connect to old friends and family i never see....

*Looking forward to celebrating my man's 30th birthday sunday...He will officially join the getting old crowd! LOL

*My girls FINALLY got to play outside yesterday afternoon....they were so excited to get out of the house...I have made them stay in because it has been freezing here!

*Loves shane's office it is bad to the bone! I am so excited for him and proud of him...I thank God so much for Rp Field services :) Again you can't out give God :) you can't no matter what :) Thank you Jesus :) The office is soo cool and finally got finished this week and they got moved in!

*I have enjoyed cooking almost every meal at home this week! LOVE THAT :) and enjoyed having family time :)I love seeing shane in father mode....He is so amazing...Away from work and people and just beautiful family time...I enjoy seeing him play and laugh with our gorgeous babies it just makes my heart melt!

*I have decided that I am gonna learn to bake pies from scratch got this idea from "Waitress" LOL but seriously i am really wanting to do this for my kids sake too! I also sing that song from the movie all of the time! My first pie will be strawberry :) MY FAVORITE :)...and i am going to take a cooking class just for fun :) anyone wanna join me :)! Also gonna take up yoga! I need a good stretch every day!

*I had a blast dueling shane on the 1984 version of mario on the wii last night he kicked my butt, then i came back in bowling and kicked his :) LOL i haven't laughed so hard in a long time :)

*CRICKET CRICKET CRICKET :)) LOL just something from this week :) LOL

*Loving my swiffer sweeper, i am addicted is the best thing for a stay at home mommy

*made Hannah her first orthodontist appointment :( she is gonna have braces soon...she will look like a teenager :(

*Bought Hayden his first suit! LOL ok not your typical suit but it is something shane would wear...Washed out black jeans,cool tshirt and sports coat...I can't wait to put it on him next week for pictures :)

*Hoping(crossing fingers) for a date with my man tonight!

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