Monday, December 8, 2008

Today has been busy....Last night i stayed up puking...UGGGGG not cool my tummy hurt so bad...i finally fell asleep about 4 this morning...thing is, all 3 kids actually slept...wouldn't you know it :) LOL....I woke up this morning and felt so much better thanks to pepto bismal....Did some stuff around the house, got gracie, headed to greenville with shane to buy some furniture for the upstairs family room and then got hannah....had to get groceries and fly to horseback hehehehe fly to horseback really ?!?!?....then cooked dinner, gave baths and somehow found time to do laundry, paint hannah's nails for her recital which she is so excited about, clean up and feed hayden :) PHEW I am tired today! Gracie spent the majority of the day with shane and had a blast with nelson :)....she fell asleep after dinner while watching t.v. upstairs...I called her to come downstairs and saw her at the top of the stairs whining....Well, I had to run to do something in another room and this is what i found when i went back to call gracie again :)

she was sound asleep snoring :) LOL my sweet baby girl!!!! she looks like a little angel ;) i love her so much...she has an art show at school thursday can check her stuff out on the web at access code is 2008822993 :) she did amazing :)....Hannah is so nervous about her recital tomorrow...she said she wouldn't be able to sleep tonight but she is snoring away HEHEHEHEHE...I am so proud of her....She was accepted in the spartanburg's music guild program for piano! what an honor....Ok well i am gonna go catch up on heroes and then off to bed...

Some gratitude!
my 3 amazing kids....
the pink medicine :)
God Loves me inspite of myself and my mistakes
My House....I Love it! And thank God for Him providing for me!
My WARM COZY NEW FLUFFY ehhehhehehe comforter i am fixing to lay down and snuggle in :) LOVE IT!

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